GNI has fully computerized library whose total area is 562 Sq. M. with well-furnished reading room for students and staff with 200 sitting capacity. It has computers with internet connections which facilitate the students and staff to update their knowledge with latest information. Our library is vast store house of knowledge having an extensive collection of books and journals. The books are systematically arranged according to title and subjects. A copier facility is also provided for the benefit of the students. We have 19268 total number of volumes, 3066 number of titles, 48 journals, 8 magazine, and 663 numbers of E-books, 457 CD’s with various national and international journals.

Other facility

  1. Computerized library database.
  2. Bar coding technique.
  3. Spacious and well illuminated reading rooms with the capacity of more than 200 students.
  4. Excellent reading halls that has reference books, handbooks, novels, magazines, journals and newspapers.
  5. Library has copying facility along with a digital copier and network printer.
  6. Arrangement for the students to avail the internet facilities.
  7. Book Bank Scheme to the students at nominal rate.
  8. Scanning Facility
  9. Printing facility
  10. NPTEL (Web & Video Lecturer)
  11. Delnet online software
  12. News Paper
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