Vision and Mission


To become a world class, globally competitive and flexible technical and management institution, responsive to the growth of an individual, society, and the institute itself satisfying the developmental needs of the people of Maharashtra and India.


  1. To educate students from all over India & other countries including especially those from the local & rural areas, so that they become enlightened individuals improving the living standards of their families, industries & the society. We will provide the world class quality education & pay serious attention towards the development of an individual for character building & the nation building.
  2. To implement a program of education in Engineering Technology and management studies, relevant to the current needs of the industry, alive to the long term requirements and responsive to the anticipated changes and developments.
  3. To serve as a centre for fostering the co-operation and the exchange of ideas between the academicians and the research community on one hand and welcome the industrial community and the Government organizations to promote the entrepreneurship development among the students.